Patch Woes – Addons for 5.0.4

I played a little Beta when I got my invitation. I did some questing, got Hestiah to 87/88-ish and stopped. I didn’t to spoil the experience. Since I didn’t want to spoil the experience I also didn’t read a lot about what to expect once this patch hit. I knew that there were plenty of other folks who had done that hard work for me (many thanks to Jasyla and Juvenate).

That being said, once the patch hit, I knew that there were only a handful of things that I had to have by way of addons. And I scrambled to get them when they became available from anywhere necessary. I still haven’t gotten everything, but for the most part I don’t have a lot of lag problems and I’m not experiences any additional FPS issues (the kind Recount and Skada tend to cause on major patch days).

I’m going to share a list of the addons I currently use and where I found them. I figure even if it’s not something you’ve used before, maybe it’ll help get you through until your favorite addon is functional again.

Addon Control Panel
ACP is one of those things that should technically be build into WoW, but it’s not. It’s functional and updated and one of the best addons ever. No really. I believe this. (It was the first one I made sure was updated before I even bothered messing with getting other functional addons).

UI – ElvUI
I have been using ElvUI for a really long time. I actually cannot function very well without it. My eyes go to very specific places to look for information, thanks to this UI. Here’s an example of my UI when I was playing Baby!Hestiah. It’s almost exactly the same today.


You can actually see a lot of my other addons, but I’ll get to those shortly. This is just so you can see the layout of my chat windows, spell bars, mini-map, and buffs. I turn off a lot of the skinning because I don’t like it for everything, but if you like the shaded black stuff, it’s available to skin pretty much everything in the game. It’s very clean and one of my must-have addons.

Healing – Healbot
I have been healing with Healbot since I created Hestiah. I learned to heal as I was leveling up through dungeons and questing (and you could heal pretty effectively in a Balance spec). So the muscle-memory attached to Healbot is very specific when healing on my druid. On my priest, I’ve had to put her closest equivalent spells into the same keybind-combinations in order to even pretend to be priest heal. Yes I understand about mouse-over macros. Yes I understand there are other solutions. I prefer click-casting. Healbot seems to have been updated. Woo!

In order to get healbot working, you have to download the Beta 3 version of Healbot. The thing is, you have to download the Beta version, then put this *.lua file in there. So I just repacked it (right-click, download/download as). I didn’t code anything. I absolutely cannot help you make it work for the most part. I am not part of the official group. I’m helping out those handful of folks who would like to use Healbot over the alternatives. If someone asks me to remove it, it will be removed. This is not an update, but a functional work-around.

Also understand that there are people who are still reporting having issues getting Healbot to show anything other than “Options”. If you’re one of those folks, the best solution I can offer is to do what is generally always done on patch weeks. Turn them all off, then one by one turn them back on again to see which one is conflicting with Healbot. Good luck. I know this ended up working for me.

Information (Broker Bar) – TitanPanel
I’ve been a huge fan of TitanPanel for a long time. Though there was a part of me that was absolutely terrified that it wouldn’t be updated. Another option which I had started to use was Chocolate Bar. The thing I like about TitanPanel is that most of the information I want to be able to see (Gold on my toon(s), location with coordinates, Exp Gains/Time to Level, System information) is available within the addon. Nothing extra needs to be included. However, with Chocolate Bar, you need to download other Broker addons to get that same basic information. Both of them work the same. I prefer TitanPanel for familiarity sake. Either way, it’s a helluva lot of information that you can get with only a glance.

Chat – Prat & WIM
wim_exampleFor the most part I use Prat to color code my chat text as well as give me other font options. It doesn’t cause a lot of lag or slowdown for me, so I don’t notice it. I’ve heard rumors that it does for others. This addon plays nicely with ElvUI and allows me to use, what I feel, is one of the better fonts (Liberation Sans (U)). Mostly cause I scale my UI until it’s as small as possible, but this font is similar to Verdana and nicely readable, even with all of the colors.

WIM was not officially updated, however, I have it load Out of Date Addons, and this one still works.

Random Companion
I really like Random Companion because it works on mounts and companion pets. It let’s you set a weight (the default is 1, and you set it to disabled if you never want to see some mounts) of how often it will come up as an option to mount. It’s the same for companion pets. I’m unsure if it’s updated officially, but it works with 5.0.4 as of right now.


Many of the other big name addons are working and easy to find. There are just some of my must-have addons. I hope everyone else had a pretty decent patch day and were able to get the majority of their addons.

5 thoughts on “Patch Woes – Addons for 5.0.4

  1. I found that with the recent changes to the built in Chat window, I don’t need Prat anymore, as the built in chat, lets you color code char class in different channels and also add in timestamps.

    Also TitanPanel was updated late last night and was working for the most part. I actually just switched over from ChocolateBar, and CB was also updated late last night as well.

    New patches and broken add-ons are always frustrating

    • I prefer Prat for the reasons that are listed. It gives me other font options that aren’t available through Blizzard.
      I stated that TitanPanel was updated last night. I also said that Chocolate Bar was updated. No offense, but it feels like you just looked at the list and didn’t bother to see what I had said.

      • That wasn’t my intent and sorry you saw my response as such.

        I actually hit enter before finishing my post originally, was going to mention on the bars I was happy my Fubar to Broker addon still works and lets me still use fubar-Rep addon. But now I am trying to figure out which broker addon uses less memory, because that will be the one I ultimately go with.

        And I was just saying why I dropped Prat, for me I only used prat for color coding classes and timestamps, that and C&P but I can do without as it saves on memory.

        I believe there is a way to change the fonts in game without an addon, but you have to modify something, I remember doing this way back in TBC, but maybe there is a font addon you could use thats lighter weight?

  2. I’ve shared this with my healbot using friends, hopefully it works for them as well. I may have to look into prat, my eyesight isnt great, so customization is wonderful.

  3. Can I say I love you coz I love healbot? Because I too didn’t need people to tell me what add ons to use and I was happy I got healbot to work in the middle of raid when I was trying to use vuhdo and I don’t like the red dot on it and I don’t have time to watch the YouTube video to get it to work and could the tanks please stop pulling when I’m trying to figure this shit out AND who asked you to stand in that when I told you my swiftmend is not working… WHAT you found a working version? STOP raid right now 1 min I’ll be back… OMG it’s working I love you healbot where is the donate button!
    Whoops got carried away sorry hestiah ><

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