**Note: There is a really good chance that some of these offending tweets are triggering.
This is your warning, should you choose to continue.

I suspect there is going to be some backlash for this post, and realistically, I’m okay with that. I’ve said my piece about feminism and how to interact with each other. I’ve shared a little bit about my personal life in my most recent post. I’ve also drafted a ton of WoW-related blog posts, that may or may not ever see the light of the internet.

I’ve been around on the internet for a really long time. I’m talking about before half of the younger folks even knew what the internet was. When dial-up was standard, and you paid by the hour. So I’m no stranger to internet trolling and general assholery. However, I’ve done the best that I can at keeping my twitter timeline/feed to a select few whom I feel are able to handle themselves like adults. They can have conversations about certain controversial topics, or discuss lore about fictional characters. Not all of them love Doctor Who or knitting, but each person is mostly respectful and decent. That being said, I don’t tend to block people on twitter. Maybe unfollow them. I’m not afraid to explain why if someone questions why they’re being unfollowed. I’ve been unfollowed. It happens.

One thing I don’t expect to see is blatant misogyny and douchebaggery.

I know that when women speak out about feminism and mistreatment in the gaming world (and truthfully on the internet in general), there is a lot of backlash. Look at what happened to Anita Skarkeesian when she decided to open up a kickstarter to get funding for a video webseries about tropes and women. This isn’t rocket science people. There is a real fuckin’ issue with men on the internet. There’s a real fuckin’ issues with PEOPLE on the internet thinking they can be complete and utter assholes!

But I never thought I would be on the receiving end of some of that asshatery. Apparently I was wrong.

Someone I followed on Twitter retweeted something that was meant to be a joke. Except it really wasn’t that funny. I suspect if you find being an asshole and believing that women are less human than men, okay, sure it was funny… ish. Here’s the original offending tweet.


And my response to both parties.


By stating that I was offended, ProSexTips decided to rally the troops, all 70K+ of them. Here’s a retweet with the extended twitlonger text, of this guy asking his followers to send me offensive “jokes”.


And at that point, that’s when the shit hit the fan. What came after this rallying of the troops was nothing short of some of the most vile and despicable crap that people could ever say to another human. I retweeted some of it, so that the people on my own timeline could read it, but then I thought better of it, and ended up reporting most of them and blocking them. Which removed the retweets altogether. But here’s where all the fun begins. Wait until you get a load of some of these tweets, which are just so jaw-dropping. I have few words.


Clearly my looks have a whole lot to do with my opinion and offense-level of “the cupcake joke”. And Aaron Lee Bentley doesn’t understand how reading works, or he might have been able to figure out that I don’t actually follow the offender, @ProSexTips, but instead made the mistake of following fellow misogynist @FrostSorrow.


Some of the most offensive things here happen to be the females who also went along with this whole bashing the feminist nonsense, but also calling me a fat lesbian, as though either of those things should be something I’m deeply ashamed of. Regardless of the amount of truth in any of this, neither of those things are shameful. Apparently being offended by a misogynistic joke is also cause to be told I’m a virgin who will lose her virginity to her father. Wow. Just wow.


Being offended also means that I have no genitalia. There are questions as to whether or not there’s enough Scotch in the world to make me fuck-able. Questions as to my ability to give head. Women telling me my place is in the kitchen. My mom is apparently a whore. And another reference to “my place” being in the kitchen.


And these are the last of them. I actually reported @ProSexTips to twitter for harassment, since he decided that it would be “cute” to ask that I get tweeted really offensive shit. I suspect that Twitter either removed it or something happened to the handful of them that they directed at me, cause they’re gone now. There is still a trickle of people responding to me and they’re immediately reported as spam/harassment and blocked.

The worst thing is that it was so easy for him to get not just childish men and boys to respond this way, but to get women to treat another woman like that. Women, this does not make you “one of the guys.” This means that you are enabling men and saying that it’s okay to treat women like shit.

I did not hide a single one of the usernames. I do ask that you don’t harass them in turn. Don’t even engage them in conversation. It’s not worth the effort and it’s certainly not worth your time. You can, dear reader, go through and block them if you choose. It’ll stop any harassment headed your way by taking care of these offenders.

Last I leave you with this link to a video by a guy named Jay Smooth. Why is this video so important? Because not enough men are asking other men to stop with this kind of hate speech. It’s evident that a large portion of the internet male population thinks women are idiotic and deserve to be in the kitchen, so how do I expect men to take me seriously? I need the help of other men. Men who are willing to speak up and say something.

I don’t want to ever have children if this is what they have to look forward to. We’ve let this go on long enough.