I’m never going to be particularly good at writing about games. I’ve been re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and there’s something I’ve learned about myself recently… I’m not very good at writing about games. Look, I’m good at playing WoW, mostly. I enjoy playing it. I have my complaints as well as those things I tend to gush about. But I am absolutely terrible at talking about specifics when it comes to games.

I have 3 drafts sitting in my post-box. All of them are about what I do to level so quickly. I actually have a method. I do practically the same things every time I level a new toon. I get asked how I level so quickly often enough that I considered writing a post about it.

Except my thoughts are all terribly disjointed. I jump around from one point to the next and there is absolutely NO cohesion to the writing. I look back at the draft and try to figure out how to re-piece it together to be more coherent. Eventually I say “Fuck it!” and start again. Same shit, new post.

Then I get really frustrated with my inability to write coherent sentences about gaming. So I don’t write anything. At all.

I was chatting with The Boy (and he’s not The Boy anymore, and as of a few days ago never will be… but his identity will remain a secret) about some pretty emotional and personal stuff. He said he wasn’t particularly good at expressing himself. Or phrasing things correctly about what he was thinking. Or feeling. At least not in a way where he felt satisfied. He’s a good writer. He’s a pretty popular writer. But he’s a business/technical writer. And I’m an emotional writer. Therein lies the problem with my writing style.

I’m told I write amazing love letters. That they’re flattering and anyone who gets one should feel special. I excel at expressing myself. But I suck at writing about my leveling process. Or about anything game related, for that matter.

Which leaves me with one question… Why have a WoW/Gaming based blog if I suck at writing about games?

I honestly don’t know.

I don’t theory-craft. Or number crunch. Or even care. So now I’m unsure what I’m going to do going forward.

There are plenty of gaming bloggers who write about games really well. I’m just not one of them. I can do research-related writing (which is emotionally unattached and dry) or emotion-driven writing (which inevitably is more personal that I planned on being on a gaming blog).

So I guess I’ll close my eyes and see where the pendulum falls. I’m never going to talk much about druid-ing, or healing, or leveling. What else is there then??